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Giving You a Chance
at Stability
Don't let your disability affect your way of life.
Reliable Medical

My previous experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and extensive medical knowledge provides me with valuable insights for your SSA disability benefit claim.

Compassionate Representation

I treat each case as if I were representing a loved one. I won't rest until everything that I can do for your case has been done.

Strategic and Forward-Thinking

I consider both the long-term and short-term effects of your case, so you can be taken care of now and in the years to come.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Attorney Klender smiling

Brent Lee Klender

Attorney at Law

At the beginning of my legal career in 2001, I represented disabled clients in the State of Indiana. In 2004, I moved to Texas to join a large statewide law firm with a practice area focused on assisting clients with disability benefit claims before the Social Security Administration (SSA). For over twenty years, I have helped clients throughout the entire United States with their SSA disability benefit claims in hearings before Administrative Law Judges. If you're looking for an experienced disability attorney, call my office today to schedule a free consultation. Appointments for virtual video conference meetings are also available.


"I became a disability attorney to help those who don't always have the resources to help themselves."

Brent Klender

Find the Financial Security You Deserve

How do you apply for social security disability benefits? The process can be complicated and frustrating if you're attempting to file a claim on your own. If you're looking for an easier application process, turn to me as your legal guide and advocate. I have extensive experience representing those who have or are in need of social security disability benefits.

In many cases, my client's disability prohibits them from doing any work which in turn does not allow for them to pay for the most basic essentials such as food, medical care, and housing. You should never feel ashamed about financial circumstances that are out of your control because of your injury or illness. Take charge of your situation by reaching out to an experienced social security disability attorney to get the assistance you need. I have represented clients before the Social Security Administration (SSA) with over twenty years of experience.

Before you can file a claim for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you must first meet the requirements for eligibility. If you are unsure of these requirements and want to know if you qualify, look no further. Contact my office to discuss your case and go over your options. I have represented clients that live in Florida, Texas, Indiana, and throughout the United States, so don't let your location hold you back from contacting me.

If your finances are tight, don't worry. I offer free consultations for everyone who schedules an appointment, and you'll only pay attorney fees if your claim gets approved. If you have filed or are considering a claim for SSA disability benefits, call my office today to start your journey toward financial and medical benefits.

Representation you deserve

Dealing with a disability that prevents you from working is not easy. A simple solution is to let my legal knowledge and expertise do the heavy lifting for you. If you are applying for, or currently have a claim for social security disability benefits that was denied, then turn to me for representation, so you can focus on more important matters. Since social security disability benefits are from the federal government through the Social Security Administration (SSA), I am able to assist clients throughout the entire United States.

If you're unsure whether or not you qualify for benefits, I offer free consultations to help you understand your situation — and you only pay me if your claim for disability benefits is approved. This ensures that you are given the most professional and effective representation regardless of where you come from or what resources you have.

In my over twenty years of experience, I have helped clients with their social security disability claims throughout the entire United States. If your disability claim has to go before a Social Security Administration, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), then I will prepare your claim for the hearing. I will present your case either by telephone, video conference, or even in-person at the ALJ's hearing office. No matter if you live in Tampa, Houston, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or anywhere else throughout the United States, I will help you with your social security disability claim.

In addition to representing those who are disabled, I am an experienced civil litigation attorney licensed in both the States of Texas and Indiana. My main office location is in San Antonio, Texas.