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Auxiliary Benefits for Dependent Children Under Social Security Disability

Oct. 6, 2020

Attorney Brent L. Klender discusses factors related to eligibility for disabled parents and payments for minor children under Social Security Disability Auxiliary Benefits.

Many individuals throughout Texas who receive Social Security Disability benefits have children that rely on them for financial support. In some circumstances children of recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may be eligible to receive benefits from Social Security as well. Depending on one’s relationship to an individual deemed eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Whereas, the minor child may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits if they were receiving support from the disabled parent at the time the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits were awarded.

An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can also provide support in understanding auxiliary benefits for children. Having the support of an attorney who thoroughly understands the laws concerning Social Security Disability benefits, the filing process, and eligibility requirements can be a lifeline for those needing help to obtain benefits for which they may be eligible.

Attorney Brent L. Klender can help those with questions related to filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and Auxiliary Benefits.