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Fraud Warnings When Completing SSA Disability Benefit Forms

Oct. 6, 2020

Attorney Brent L. Klender discusses important elements in applying for disability benefits.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits throughout the United States can be a complex matter, particularly because most applicants have no prior experience in dealing with this type of electronic filing. It is important that applicants take steps to ensure accuracy in their application not only to help facilitate a favorable outcome, but also to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they may be accused of misrepresenting information.

A fraudulent Social Security Disability filing, or knowingly misrepresenting information, can warrant criminal charges or related fines. The following are a few examples of potentially fraudulent actions to avoid when seeking to obtain SSI or SSDI benefits:

  • Withholding information about income, property, or assets

  • Making false statements to medical care providers to obtain reports that support a claim related to a medical condition or mental illness

  • Misrepresenting one’s educational background in the event that it is a material fact used to determine the outcome of a case

  • Misrepresenting when one last worked to attempt to receive additional back pay for benefits

  • Using funds designated for a recipient for one’s own personal benefit in the event that one is a representative payee who receives benefits on another’s behalf

  • Using fake information such as a false Social Security number in applying for benefits

  • Failing to report a change in one’s circumstances that may occur while one is receiving SSD or SSI

An experienced attorney or can provide continuing support in the filing of one’s Social Security Disability claim, or appeal at any stage of the process to help ensure accuracy and that applicants steer clear of misrepresenting information related to their claim.

Attorney Brent L. Klender can provide information to help individuals throughout the United States who are seeking benefits for Social Security Disability.