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What Can I Do If I Lose My Health Insurance While My Disability Claim Is Pending?

Attorney Brent L Klender April 12, 2024

When applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, ongoing medical care and documentation is very important in getting an approval for SSDI or SSI claims. If you are no longer able to return to work because of your injury or chronic illness, then maintaining health care coverage for treatment can be difficult.

Most metropolitan areas have programs that assist in "indigent" medical care that are administered by state, county and local governments. Contacting these indigent programs regarding eligibility for services can also lead to receiving medical coverage while the SSA disability claims process is pending.

Texas Health and Human Services: County Indigent Health Care Program | Texas Health and Human Services

San Antonio, Texas - CareLink | San Antonio | University Health

Houston, Texas - Harris County Health: Harris Health System Locations

Austin, Texas - Central Health Coverage Programs - Central Health

Corpus Christi, Texas - Nueces Aid Services (

Dallas, Texas - Metrocare Services | Dallas Mental Health Services for Adults & Children

El Paso, Texas - UMC - El Paso | University Medical Center of El Paso | Charity Care (

McAllen, Texas - County Indigent Program: McAllen Health Clinic - McAllen - Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas (

Indiana Family and Social Services: FSSA: HIP: Home (

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