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What Information Is Covered in a SSA Disability Hearing?

Attorney Brent L. Klender April 6, 2024

When a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is scheduled, most attorneys will do a pre-hearing conference with their clients to walk them through the process. The first issue covered is to go through how the hearing will be conducted. Since COVID, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has conducted hearings over the telephone, by video conferencing and they have now returned to holding in-person hearings. The disabled individual is able to choose which hearing method works best for them to have their case presented before the judge.

If having a hearing by telephone by video or teleconferencing, the judge will verify with all that are participating in the hearing that they are alone, and in a quiet, private location. This is required to protect the disabled individual's privacy when going over the protected medical information and to make sure that the "official recording" of the proceeding is clear. Next the Judge will typically confirm that the attorney has covered the "issues" involved in the hearing with the claimant before the proceeding and ask if there is a waiver of a reading of the issues. Thereafter, the ALJ will issue the oath of affirmation, requiring those offering testimony to testify truthfully. After those formalities, the hearing is conducted in a relaxed forum providing the claimant an opportunity to provide information to the judge as to how their medical conditions impact their typical day.

The hearing will also cover the disabled individuals work history from the past 15 years, and not only job titles, but also their specific duties as well. The hearing will then cover how the medical conditions not only caused the disabled individual to stop working, but how the symptoms continue to impact the activities of daily living.

With the specific rules that may apply to disabled individuals based on their age, education and work history, it is important to seek an experienced disability attorney to assist you with your claim.

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